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Velonades Cultural Association was founded by residents of the village, on March 1999. It has 110 members and contributes according to its capabilities in the development of cultural elements of the place, to strengthen the relations between the residents and involving them not only in cultural events, but also on sensitive social issues.

In parallel with its activities, the Cultural Association of Velonades has created a traditional dance group, a choir, a blood bank, a circulating library, a folklore museum and a photo exhibition.

Since 2010, it is housed and operates at the Cultural Center of the Local Community of Velonades, an admittedly beautiful and recently renovated neoclassical building. Anyone can contribute in its own way, so the association can create more and more things ...


One building, a story full of emotion for the residents of Velonades. The land on which the building is built, belonged to the church of Agia Paraskevi (church of Holy Trinity parish of Velonades). It is assumed that the lower floor (ground floor), was built during the Venetian rule on the island and operated as an artisanship of grape proccesing and production of raki (the valley of Velonades was full of vines). The place is being called "Engine" even today, due to the operation of this small factory.

In 1925, the Community Council of Velonades, with its own initiative and the personal work of the village's residents, decided to build the upper floor, which served as a Primary school from 1930 to 1991, when it was deemed unsuitable by the authorities.

During the German occupation , from 1942 onwards, the building was used as a repository of EAM, with many meetings of people from all over Greece, as the seat of spare ELLAS . Also, a part of its premisses functioned as a cooking facility and a place where children could seat and eat during the period of U.S. aid. The restoration efforts began in 1993 and since then every local government and the ecclesiastical parish have made representations to the Cathedral, trying to find a solution . Eventually, in 2004 it was given by the Metropolis of Corfu to the municipality of Esperiwn to be restored for a period of 25 years , so that the Cultural Center of Velonades could be created.

Our Association is housed in it since 2009 and is active in it until today.

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